Elon Musk exploits loophole law to establish Tesla hub on tribal land 

Elon Musk has dodged a ban on direct car sales in New Mexico by setting up a Tesla showroom on tribal land in the state.   

law prohibits car manufacturers from selling directly to customers without going through third-party dealers. 

The rules, which exist in a few other US states, are meant to protect dealers from their own automakers opening a company-owned store next to a third-party dealership. 

Electric carmakers like Tesla have no history of deals with third-party franchises meaning the firm has not done official business in the state for 핑카지노추천 years. 

However, it has now been able to bypass those laws and open a sales and service center in a defunct casino on Nambe Pueblo land where customers can buy the cars direct from the manufacturer. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk exploited a loophole to avoid following New Mexico laws while setting up a sales and service center with one of the tribal nations in the state

In 2019, Tesla tried to push a new law in the state with the help of some favorable legislators, but local car dealer associations used their political

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